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Nearly twenty years ago my wife and I took our first private walking tour.  Before that we had joined larger tours or self guided while exploring new cities on our travels.  Our guide, that year in Rome, was named Dennis – I’m sure he didn’t know it at the time, but Dennis changed our lives.

We travel a lot.  We have used private guides in Europe, South and Central America, Canada and the United States.  We are converted.  We hope that you are too.

I moved to Calgary in 1977 and have lived here ever since.  In the last forty years I have seen Calgary grow into a sophisticated city with a vibrant arts and cultural scene.  My particular interest is contemporary visual art. As things to do in downtown Calgary, I started my little tour business to take folks like me on tours that I would like to take.  We get to know each other.  We walk.  We talk art, history and travel. It would be my pleasure to show you my wonderful adopted city!

Jeff and Carolyn Poole with Buenos Aires Industrial Mosaics (picture taken by our guide Pablo Piera – November 2016)

The Tours

Historic Stephen Avenue & The Glenbow Museum

 Calgary Contemporary Art Galleries

Custom Combination Art Tour

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Our tour philosophy is simple.  We want you to have a wonderful time.  You can leave it in our hands and simply tell us how long you have.  Or we can customize our basic tours to your needs.

The cost is simple.  We do tours for up to four people.  The cost is the same whether there are one or four.  The first two hours cost CDN $250.00 and each hour after that is an additional $100.00.  GST of 5% is added as are any entry costs.  If we go for lunch you will pay for my lunch but not the hour it takes to have lunch.  

I require you to pay 50% with the booking and the other 50% a minimum of 30 days before the booking.  Weather cancellations are subject to reasonableness-this is Canada after all!

I have a busy civil litigation practice and, as such, cannot guarantee that I will always be available when you want me.  That said, if you contact me early enough and we make a booking, I will do my best to honour all bookings I commit to (and should I have to cancel I will give as much advance notice as possible and will, of course, issue a complete refund).

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