About Jeff

My wife Carolyn and I did not set out intentionally to have an art collection. In our early days of marriage we decorated with $2.00 Posters purchased from university bookstores. In 1986 that changed.

Our friend had seen a painting in the window of an interior designer and guessed that we would like it. We took a look and discovered that Paul Kuhn was the painter. We went to the Paul Kuhn Gallery and with our introduction to Paul we gained entrance to the wonderful world of Canadian Contemporary Art. Our first purchase was Paul’s “Winter Drift”, which was the painting in the window.

To that point we had always been afraid to spend time in galleries and we had certainly not figured out what we liked. We were, like many people, afraid to commit to a piece because we might make a mistake. However, with Paul as a mentor, we began to visit galleries and develop a personal sense of what we liked. In addition to the artists of his own gallery Paul encouraged us to visit other galleries and we did. And, over time, we started to learn what resonated for us.

Our choices have always been personal. Our first thought when we look at a painting, print or drawing is whether we like it. We have to like it, and we have to believe we will still like it years from now before we will consider buying it. In the beginning this was the only criterion but as time went and our walls became full we decided that we would restrict our purchases to art that was done by artists who are career artists. As a result most of our collection is post war art from Canadians who have committed their lives to the craft.

Carolyn and Jeff Poole

Carolyn and I have been married for 35 years. we have two adult daughters who both live in Calgary. Their homes are filled with beautiful Canadian art. 

I am a civil litigation lawyer.  Our law firm has an art collection which you can check out by clicking the link to PL Art Gallery.  You can learn more about me and the wonderful people I practice law with by checking out the Poole Lawyers link. 

I spend a lot of my spare time looking at art.  The galleries I have featured on this website are not the only galleries in Calgary, but they are my favorites.  I love Calgary.  I love its spirit and its people.  Calgary has been wonderful to me and I hope that after you spend some time with me you will learn why I love this great city so much.




Jeff Poole